(Soma)tic Review of Companion Grasses by Brian Teare


Before you leave your home, collect a few materials. You will need a container of some kind (i.e. bag, small bucket, or jar). Bring a bottle of water with you as well. Begin by walking to a long forgotten piece of land, the further away the better. Once you have reached your destination, find a place to sit down. Dig your fingers in the dirt and pull out a handful. While the dirt is in your hand let it run through your fingers into your other hand. Do this for five to ten minutes. Then take the remaining dirt and place it in the container. If most of the dirt has slipped through your fingers, take a moment to grab some more and place it in your container.

The next step is to place the dirt you collected into the container you brought with you. Add some water and begin to work your fingers into the mud, until it begins to stick to and in between each finger. Do not clean your fingers, pack up your belongings. On the walk home, pay particular attention to how the mud feels at it begins to dry on your fingers.

When you reach home, wipe the perspiration from your forehead with one of your muddy hands.  Put the container in the sink and grab a pen and a piece of paper, write, don’t think just write for 15 minutes.

Once you’ve completed this, go to a bathroom sink with a mirror and begin to wash your hands. Look at yourself in the mirror as you do this. After your hands are clean, wash the dirt and perspiration from your face. Then write again for fifteen minutes.

Review by: Mikiel Ghelieh


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