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This space as an online extension of what is held within the physical issue’s pages. Sometimes it is multi-media companions of a written piece. Sometimes it is content that fits more beautifully in a digital landscape. We hope you enjoy this additional content as you navigate between the book and the website.

Issue #43, In Conversation With The Experiment

Kelly Corinda “Kelly Corinda – Unfolding

Kelly Corinda lives in Brooklyn where she writes poetry and takes care of plants and people. She recently went to Italy and put her hands in the Po River. She thinks you should write poetry too.

Rose Knapp “Black Hand Rose Garden

Rose Knapp is a poet, novelist, electronic music producer, and multimedia artist. She has an experimental novel forthcoming and poetry publications in Chicago Literati, PDXX Collective, BlazeVOX, OccuPoetry, Danse Macabre, and others. She currently divides her time between Brooklyn and Minneapolis.

Priyanka Tewari “Fire” & “Synergy

Priyanka Tewari’s work is mostly abstract, spontaneously created with an underlying theme that is an impression of her mind. Her vibrant paintings often tell a story or a message that she chooses to convey in my own words along with the artwork. She thereby combines art and poetry to give a new perspective to her paintings. This, she believes, enhances the viewers experience. She calls it experimental art.

Her method of execution is purely experimental—an amalgamation of different techniques and media, creating various textures and potpourri of color, as they are allowed to mingle on their own without much intervention. She loves to touch and feel color while painting, so does not use brushes. The tactile quality of the surface of her artwork adds to the aesthetics.

Her passion for painting, as a medium to express her deepest emotions, made her quit her job as a software engineer. After a few group shows she got a major break with her first solo painting exhibition in India. Her work was greatly appreciated both in India and abroad. She was profiled in major national dailies, a US-based literary magazine, and by the Creativity and Human Development International Art journal published by Arts Council of England.

Jean Wolff “Fat Quarters” & “Medusa

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Jean Wolff studied fine arts at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving a BFA in studio arts. She then attended Hunter College, CUNY in New York, graduating with an MFA in painting and printmaking. She’s since had group and solo exhibits in various galleries in New York City and internationally and is part of the artistic community of Westbeth in Manhattan.


Issue #42, Reprogramming the Wilderness

Matthew Johnstone “Preface to Note on Tundra (Architectures)

Michael Keenan “The Asylum Garden”

Joe Nicholas “How the Caterpillar Made It Over the Mountain”

Nina Pick “In the Shadow of the Turning”



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