Send us your artwork

BOMBAY GIN is looking for artwork for the 40TH edition


Bombay Gin is currently soliciting ART SUBMISSIONS that relate to the theme of recuperation. Our bodies regenerate once every seven years—the recuperation of seeming newness; what is shed in this process?—what is gained? How do we as writers navigate the world that, as CA Conrad puts it, is built to destroy us and our creativity?—how do we as writers take up the recuperation of the world?—Anne Waldman asks us: “how will you save the world, with writing?”

In a time of overpopulation, distraction, poverty and suffering how do writers generate texts that have recuperative capacity—that is, texts that have the ability to assist, aid, catalyze or otherwise atone? How do we write to recuperate histories; how do we recuperate the histories of our own bodies and the bodies of our community?

Can writing construct an autonomous nervous system that has the capacity to heal; or as Anselm Hollo posited in his collection, guests of space, “does poetry help?”

Send us your epithelial skin cells. Send us your connective tissues. Send us your recall narrative, your image(s), your circadian cycle, your shamanistic practice or documentation, your confessions, your breath.

*If accepted you will receive a free copy of the journal.

Submission deadline: October 1st

Please e-mail all digital files to

  • File size should be 300dpi at 6×9″ or greater.
  • Looking for color art for the cover. Should be in CMYK
  • Looking for black and white art for the inside.
  • If your art work for the cover is going wrap front and back it needs to be 13″ wide x 9.25″ tall, minimum. File format of jpeg or tiff

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