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Mapping the Threshold through Affinity

Exciting editor’s meeting last night! We discussed how to organize our threshold issue.

Our concept of threshold begins as an intellectual and creative convergence. We asked contributors for companion pieces on their interpretation of threshold. This worked out as: creative work, hybrid forms, visual-text work, altered texts, interviews, critical essays and more.

What is the best way for these companion pieces to speak to themselves and among each other?

Solicitations taking over my room.

We decided to organize the issue by using the four interviews with Vanessa Place, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Thurston Moore and the four printshop gurus (Julia Seko, Lara Durback, Colin Frazer and Wesley Tanner). Then, our all-female editorial board mapped the rest of this piece through affinity. We crossed walls and bridges with affinity, like Cixous, Ronell and Butler did weeks ago (side note: if anyone has a video of this lecture…send it over, pleaseplease).

This mapping happened easily. A threshold talks. It is a gesture that holds and blurs borders. It is the gap and the transition. A pause. A real or imagined space. And now, the pieces are talking among each other as we proofread.

Have a wonderful evening,


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