Bombay Gin Editorial Board


Jade Lascelles – Editor-in-Chief

Jade Lascelles (Editor-in-Chief) is a poet, editor, and letterpress printer based in Boulder, Colorado. Previously, she served as an Associate Editor and Book Review Editor for Bombay Gin before taking the helm as Editor-in-Chief four years ago. She is a founding member of and editor at the Precipice publishing collective. In addition to a career in the publishing industry, she teaches courses on writing and small press publishing and manages the Harry Smith Print Shop at Naropa. Her book Proximate Seams and a co-edited anthology by Precipice are both forthcoming.

Swanee Astrid– Managing Web Editor

Swanee is a poet-scribe from Sacramento, CA. Prior to serving as the Managing Web Editor, she was the 2014 Art & Archive editor for Bombay Gin. She has also worked on Vestal Review as an associate editor and an art editor for Earthwords. Swanee is also an ardent activist, collectivizing around the written word via the Sacramento Poetry Center, Bouldering Poets, and most recently developing a mentorship program with Queer Asterisk, a nonprofit dedicated to therepeutic services for the LGBTQIA+ community in Boulder, CO.


Associate Editors

Poetry / Prose / Art / Archive / Web /  Social Media


Gabri-EL Hickson-Dawkins is a writer, doodler (sometimes illustrator), photographer, singer, and performer originally from Charleston, South Carolina. She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado where she spends her days writing, reading (mostly books meant for 12-year-olds), singing unabashedly in both public and private places, doodling (or illustrating), photographing people/her environment, and volunteering. She goes by the pseudonym Zaelee Hickson on Instagram and her WordPress blog.


Erica Leitz is a Colorado native studying Creative Writing and Literature. She worked in Orange County as an editorial assistant for a lifestyle publication during college before coming home to finish her degree at Naropa. She likes poetry, wine, soft lighting, and cuss words. She doesn’t dot her i’s and she thinks bookmarks are for idiots.


Born and raised in Mexico, Michele Lorusso happens to be a moment, a movement, a moth, but not a mariachi or a monk. At times, he finds himself situated at film festivals showing his Super 8 films; or at literary readings, praying for poetry; or at his mere desk, sitting attuned, where he performs the primitive act of translating and writing poetry. He has been published by Positive Magazine (Italy), Lammadame (Mexico), Something on Paper (Colorado), and Pilgrimage Press (Colorado). He’ll be graduating at the end of 2017 with a Creative Writing and Literature Bachelor’s Degree. ¡Pa arriba, pa abajo, pal centro y pa dentro!


Travis Newbill (Good Highland Prankster) is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, an MFA student in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, and a student of Ikebana under Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei in both the Kalapa and Sogetsu schools. Singer-songwriter, poet/writer, and fan of the band Phish, Travis resides in Boulder, CO with his partner Heather.


kaleb (worst) is a Minneapolis poet pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa University. When he was 16, he started A Vicious Square, a poetry blog he still nurtures. When he was 19, he published his first book, Bad Poetry, with Wilde Press at Emerson College, swelling his already misplaced pride. Recently he has completed two chapbooks, Woe to the Non Renewable and Mouth Asylum, as his poetry continues to grapple with doubt, love, and the disease of excess. Now 24, and already feeling the weight of tomorrow’s history, he wishes he could spend his days resisting something other than his own battles. In that lies its own silvery lining: the way out of this mess, like guiding strips of light on a hate-jacked plane, is glittered with self-love.


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