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WRITING YOUR FEARS (Writing Exercise)

“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them” ~Andre Gide


It is the time of year where we think about the things that have spooked our history. We dress children as ghosts and witches, decorating with pumpkins… traditions, transmorphed, as old as fear itself.

We like to be scared. And we like to tell the stories of our fright in the comfort of a well lighted home at night, but…It is still after you.

What are you most afraid of, really? Imagine it in vivid: smells, sounds, tastes, etc. What is its demeanor toward you? What gestures does your fear make? What does it embody? What are its motives towards you? Re-write your Fear, this Monster as yourself. Or rather, re-write yourself as the Monster Fear. What are you after now?  MUWHAHA…


Online Feature–Micro Book Review of Great Guns

great guns_fathi_600

Micro Review of Great Guns by Farnoosh Fathi

Great Guns
Farnoosh Fathi
Canarium Books (2013)

Great Guns is Farnoosh Fathi’s first poetry collection. The book is divided into three sections, and each poem contains coherent and lyrical language that alternately amuses, intrigues, and activates. Her background in poetry, translation, and critical analysis clearly informs her work here. In particular, her connection to Emily Dickinson’s poems shows clear strength here, with each poem subtly addressed to an intended reader or recipient. The opening lines of “Lady Fool” contain this delicate connection to the traditional past while creating a new present and future: “This helium—a fighting voice—promise this— / the old lady said, wires doubling wildly overhead.” Fathi’s collection stands on its own merits but it also belongs in the tradition of important American poets continuing to innovate and expand poetic meaning.


Review by: Travis Klempan

Bombay Gin Reading Series #2

bg reading 2 flyer image


Our reading series continues at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe, in Boulder, CO–

with phenomenal poets Megan Kaminski and HR Hegnauer, followed by an open mic.

The reading starts at 7pm sharp– Innisfree is hosting three poetry events tonight, and ours gets the party started.

Stick around for the other events, featuring CA Conrad, j/j hastain, and more.