Online Feature: “A Taste of Gin” Issue One


curated by Janelle Fine, Bombay Gin’s Art Editor, 2013-2014

Bgin with Ginsberg Circle no grey

Editor’s Note

I wanted to create a collaborative space between artists and writers. I asked the artist Taylor Dow to create artwork that interpreted the theme of metamorphosis. I then sent out his visual art to writers and asked them to respond in their own way to one of his images. I am interested in the conversations and play that came about between the text and images. Enjoy.

Featuring work by: Cara Benson, J’Lyn Chapman, Brendan Constantine, Taylor Dow, HR Hegnauer, Juan Felipe Herrera, April Joseph, Jai Arun Ravine, and Gail Tremblay.


A Taste of Gin Online Editorial Feature

Each month (or so) Bombay Gin Literary Journal presents an online feature by one of our editorial board members. We call this: “A Taste of Gin.” These tastes give us, as editors, the opportunity to share our individual artistic and aesthetic visions. We split our Bombay Gin third-mind temporarily in order to show you the nuances, quirks, and concerns we, as an editorial board, comprise. We hope you enjoy these future tastings.


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