Book Reviewers needed


*If accepted you will receive a free copy of the journal.

Submission deadline: October 15th

Email all files to  with subject line “Bombay Gin Review” and the name of the book you choose, as well as your name, by the October 15th deadline.

  • Reviews should be: 2-3 pages double spaced and engage critically with the text.
  • Please send book reviews as .word or .pfd files.
  • Include your phone number and address so a copy of the book you decide to review can be sent to you.

We currently have the following review copies available:

“Coming Events” by Susan Gevirtz, Nightboat Books 2013

“Then Go On” by Mary Burger, Litmus Press 2012

“O Bon” by Brandon Shimoda, Litmus Press 2011

“Vacant Lot” by Oliver Rohe, Counterpath Press 2011

“Foreign Correspondent” by Joanna Howard, Counterpath Press 2013

“The Obituary” by Gail Scott, Nightboat Press 2012

“Ascension” by Giovanni Singleton, Counterpath Press 2012

“Our Lady of the Flowers, Echoic” by Chris Tysh, Les Figues Press 2013

“Videotape” by Andrew Zawacki, Counterpath Press 2013

“Companion Grasses” by Brian Teare,  Omnidawn Press 2013

“In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary” by Richard Meier, Omnidawn Press 2012

“Sorry was in the Woods” by Michelle Taransky, Omnidawn Press 2013

“Debts & Lessons” by Lynn XU, Omnidawn Press 2013

“Selected Days” by Stephen Ratcliffe, Counterpath Press 2012

“How Phenomena appear to Unfold” by Leslie Scalapino, Litmus Press 2011

“Fledge” by Stacy Doris, Nightboat Press 2012

“Fault Tree” by Kathryn L. Pringle, Omnidawn Press 2012

“Hospitalogy” by David Wolach, Tarpaulin Sky Press 2013

“Absent Receiver” by Michael Flatt, Springgun Press 2013

“Burial” by Claire Donato, Tarpaulin Sky Press 2013

“Black Peculiar” by Khadijuh Queen, Noemi Press 2011



Assistant Book Review Editor

Brandon Petty

Naropa JKS Writing & Poetics



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