Win Suzanne Scanlon’s Promising Young Women

To celebrate our anticipation of issue 39.1, as we proof and proof, Bombay Gin editors are excited to kick off a series of book giveaways.  I’m proud to announce our first giveaway is in collaboration with Dorothy, A Publishing Project, a small press edited by the fantastic Danielle Dutton that brings us innovative “fiction, or near fiction, or about fiction, mostly by women.”

Dorothy publishes two books a year, in complement to one another, and Bombay Gin will publish reviews of and give away BOTH of the 2012 pair.

First: Suzanne Scanlon’s Promising Young Women.

Naropa University M.F.A. candidate Rachel M. Newlon’s review of Scanlon’s first book will appear in forthcoming (think January) 39.1.  Rachel’s work has been published online (Thirteen Myna Birds, Big River Poetry Review, Horse Less Press, Cactus Heart, Foliate Oak Literary Journal) as well as in print (A Poet’s View of Being, Erasure, Bombay Gin).  Rachel’s interview with Suzanne Scanlon enriches her thoughtful review.

Here is a little taste:

…women within the pages of Scanlon’s writings struggle to have a recognizable voice in a world that is unable to accept their gender, their madness and in which they have no part to play.  Promising Young Women mirrors the content of the ward book – scientifically exposing perspective, stereotypes, bias, and failure.

Scanlon’s writing induces a confusing sense of eternity – the reader is lost in this place, where events perpetuate repetitiously, realistically, with no hope of ceasing.  Scanlon merges pastiche and iconic cultural references about females and madness into a skillfully written piece that is nearly impossible to ignore.

I promise, you want to read this—Scanlon’s book and BG 39.1.

For a chance to win a free copy of Promising Young Women, simply leave a comment below telling us why you’re interested.

The window to enter this giveaway will close at Midnight MST on Friday, November 30th, and the winner will be randomly chosen via

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14 thoughts on “Win Suzanne Scanlon’s Promising Young Women

  1. I have loved everything published by Dorothy: A Publishing Project.

  2. While I’m not familiar with Scanlon’s writing, the title (femaleness) appeals to me as does the brief synopsis indicating “recognizable voice” and “madness.” I’m currently submerged in Dutton’s remarkable book (experience) Sprawl, and so I feel any book Dutton’s published as an editor would be a good fit. I’ve never read anything that so encapsulizes what living (in suburbia) feels like/looks like moment to moment. There is so much beauty and madness in it, and I so appreciate Dutton’s feminine perspective, visual sensibility, and critical eye.

  3. I’ve been hearing so many good things about this book. The excerpt in BOMB is excellent. And Danielle Dutton has been publishing amazing work with Dorothy, a Publishing Project.

  4. Jennifer Lynn Krohn says:

    I would like to win the book because I have an addiction to new authors and any book where a woman must face psychiatric institutions.

  5. I’m interested because I loved Barbara Comyns’ Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead, and have meant to read more Dorothy Project books since; and because I love feminist cultural critique!

  6. Always interested in works exploring gender, on the place(s)/space(s) bodies move or occupy along the spectrum of experience and cultural definition.

  7. Women write. Sandpaper.
    Aung San Suu Kyi, lecturer.
    Fraction clouds, etc.

  8. I was once a promising young woman.

  9. I’m interested to discover Scanlon’s perspective on the issue of madness, and how representations of women in literature reflects cultural understanding/misunderstanding of madness. Plus: I love new books — and want to discover what Danielle’s press is publishing.

  10. Because I’m a good person.

  11. Suzanne visited the creative writing class I taught last summer and read from PYW. Since then, I’ve been itching to read the rest!

  12. I am interested to read of ripening, of grace & folly, in a loveliness stitched, undone- a loveliness bruised.

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