Origin Story: Birth/Unbirth and Free Gin Giveaway

Ever wonder how Bombay Gin Lit Journal received its illustrious name? Here’s your chance to find out. Send a short poem or prose piece, citing or creating the birth of BG to bgin@naropa.edu by the end of this year. The winner will receive a copy of our forthcoming issue, featuring work by Anna Joy Springer, CA Conrad, Serena Chopra, and many others. In the meantime, here are some vintage BG covers to stir your imaginations.

http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/spring_1976.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/summer_1976.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/winter_spring_1977.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/summer_fall_1977.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/winter_spring_1978.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/summer_1978_spring_1979.html http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/bombay_gin/summer_fall_1979.html

-Brenna Lee

Brenna Lee is the Art Editor of Bombay Gin and a current Writing Fellow at Naropa University. She is a second year MFA candidate and a Co-Editor of Blooming Plants, a multi-media conduit.

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