Call for Submissions

BOMBAY GIN is taking submissions from September 1, 2012 through October 1, 2012.

THEME: Please send submissions that respond to this issue’s theme of the “The Contemplative as Transgressive.” Writers and artists are encouraged to question and define “contemplative” and to consider how the contemplative, in addition to silent and calm, might also be transgressive, radical, allowing for an encounter with another space-time, an absolute other. In addition to your interpretations of the theme, we encourage you to submit contemplative writing experiments as well as the product of such experiments.

We welcome manuscripts of fiction, essays, poetry, and cross-genre work; we will not read manuscripts submitted after the reading period ends. Poetry submissions should be comprised of 3-5 poems; prose and cross-genre manuscripts should generally consist of no more than 15 pages. Accompany each manuscript with a self-addressed stamped envelope for reply, and mail it to the following address:


Visual artists may submit images through email: Accepted submissions will be printed in black and white only. Please submit the following:

  • Professional quality digital images in TIFF or JPG formats (if JPG, saved in “baseline” or “standard” format at the highest quality possible). Images must be Mac and PC compatible. Note: Please do not submit PPT or PPTX presentations.
  • A minimum of 320 dpi
  • Between 1200 and 2400 pixels in the longest dimension
  • Please title image files with your last name and first initial, year of the work, title, medium and dimensions (example: Doe_J_2009_Title_oil on panel_9x12.jpg).
  • Brief biographical/artist statement as either a text file (Word) or as a PDF. Please title the file with your last name, first initial, and the content of the file (example: Doe_J_ArtistStatement.doc or Doe_J_Biography.doc).

Sample copies of the BOMBAY GIN can be purchased through SMALL PRESS DISTRIBUTION, on our website, or by sending a check for $12.00, made out to BOMBAY GIN. Thank you for your interest in our magazine.

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