Naropa Summer Writing Program 2012 in Full Swing

Good morning!  Allow me to introduce myself:  I’m Chris Shugrue, and I’m the new Web Content Editor for Bombay Gin.  Week 3 of Summer Writing Program is in full swing, and amazing faculty and student readings are happening all week.  Did I mention the readings are free and open to the public? 

Naropa SWP Schedule of Readings, Week 3, June 25-June 30, 2012

All readings free and open to the public

Location: Performing Arts Center (PAC) 2130 Arapahoe Avenue

Tuesday, June 26

7:30-10pm Faculty Reading: Tisa Bryant, Julie Carr, Jack Collom, Samuel R. Delany, Joanne Kyger

Wednesday, June 27

7:30-10pm Student Reading                  

Thursday, June 28

7:30-10pm Faculty Reading: Noah Eli Gordon, Junior Burke, Edwin Torres, Clark Coolidge, Anselm Hollo

Friday, June 29

7:30-10pm Student Reading

Saturday, June 30

7:30-10pm Faculty Reading: Lisa Birman, Selah Saterstrom, Michelle Ellsworth, Brian Evenson

Be on the lookout for other SWP news and events as the week progresses.

-Chris Shugrue


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