I serve him some erotics I want him to try the tempo & to sing with me

…a line from Anne Waldman’s poem “Sprawl,” which was inspired by Danielle Dutton’s novel S P R A W L. Both women will be in Boulder next week for Week 2 of the Summer Writing Program. Of course, Anne is already here and she read at the 38.2 Bombay Gin Release Party last Sunday.

Anne Waldman glowing.

It was a success. We sold a bunch of the new journal, which you can now buy on our website and at Small Press Distribution.

Outgoing Associate Editor Heather Goodrich and Incoming Associate Editor Eric Fischman

Reed Bye reading from “Fire for Thought”

Bobbie Louise Hawkins reading from “Adages”

There were current and former Naropa students, Lindsay Miller and Mark DuCharme.

Lindsay Miller rocking it.

Mark DuCharme reading from “Distress: A Folk Tale”

And there were those writers from Colorado’s Front Range who are entirely new to Naropa.

Mike Salisbury reading from “The Front Range”

Nils Michaels reading a poem.

Felicia Zamora reading from “Death’s Dowry”

Thibault Raoult reading from “Treenage Hymns”

There were others too: Katherine West and Chris Kondrich. The very helpful 2012-13 Bombay Gin board helped set up the event: Sally Smith, June Lucarotti, Brenna Lee, April Joseph, Eric Fischman, and Chris Shugrue.

June Lucarotti decorating.

If you attended the reading, thank you. If you bought the new issue or a back issue: thank you very much. We look forward to another exciting year.

Our talented photographer, Mark Curci, and Reed Bye.

–J’Lyn Chapman


One thought on “I serve him some erotics I want him to try the tempo & to sing with me

  1. […] issue of Bombay Gin. It was an exciting evening, which you can read more about at the Bombay Gin blog. Thank you to those who came out and thank you to J’Lyn […]

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