The Bombay Gin: Getting Fancy & Official

It seems this year has been a process of making Bombay Gin more official. Not legitimate, but official and professional. Not only have we put together two fantastic journals (tomorrow: 38.2 release party!) but we have also done a lot of legwork to make Bombay Gin visible in person and online.

For starters, we have a blog.

Tada: this has been one of the best ways to talk to you, dear readers, because we cannot do what we do without you. Thank you. But really, a blog is necessary these days. And, of course, the blog’s feet are necessary: Facebook and Twitter. Yes, the other “BombayGinJ” tweeter is an impostor. We are TheBombayGin. Officially. Thankyouverymuch.

At AWP this year we had a small presence, but we’re hoping to change that next year because we’re getting a fantastique banner (to share with the Jack Kerouac School and The Kavyayantra Press) for our book table. That and we also purchased a book display. Yes, many no-brainer things. But it takes time and money to get.

We’re going to start selling tote bags and stickers. Or giving away the stickers, I’m not sure. We are  considering T-shirts, too. Some of the designs we’re thinking about involve: knuckle tats, elephants, hot4bgin, j’adorebg, the period table of elements, and something involving Gertrude Stein.

All the sketches look incredible and you will see, very soon, what we have in store for you.

Now, my dears, I must go and enjoy my last day to play before the Summer Writing Program starts. (BTW: Have you seen the line-up?!? Amazing faculty and lecturers!)


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