The Hotcake Issue, Threshold: Tenuous Proposition Of

Before the Front Range issue sweeps us away, I should update you on the state of “Threshold: Tenuous Proposition Of.”

This issue sold like hotcakes. Our first run sold out immediately. At the time,  AWPwas less than a month away and we need issues to sell there.

Bombay Gin 38.1

My issue of Bombay Gin 38.1, Threshold: Tenuous Proposition Of. Please don’t ask to buy this off me because I won’t sell it…

So: we did a second print run. Again, hotcakes.

When I was setting up the Bombay Gin table at the Violence & Community Symposium reading, there were no issues left. Dunzo, threshold. Not to worry, I told myself, we still have at least 30 issues at Small Press Distribution (unless they sold).

Well, no. Not quite.

As of today, we have 16 Threshold issues left. Hotcakes.

And, before opening my big blog mouth, I had to double check there were absolutely no more issues tucked away in the Bombay Gin office. Good news: Diana McLean found our last TWO issues!

Overall, we have 18 issues left (unless more sell on SPD while I type…). Get your copy of “Threshold: Tenuous Proposition Of” or someone will…

All of this success is due to you, dear readers, for your generosity and reception of Bombay Gin. Thank you all so much for all that you do for us whether you contributed to this issue, helped us fund raise, bought an issue, supported our  release party, submitted work, ad infinitum.

Thank you. This is all for you.


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