You’ve never had a necklace like this.

It occurs to me this morning that writing is like making jewelry. You hand-select each bead, studying it for flaws, before adding it to the string. So, too, you select each word, tasting it in your mouth, studying how its colors and rhythms contribute to the overall design of the necklace. Sometimes, you drop the strand you’re working on and the beads go flying and rolling all over the place, and you have to begin again. This is what happens when you accidentally delete an entire document from your hard drive.

Writing is also like making jewelry because often, handmade jewelry is a gift. It’s made with care, with a certain recipient in mind, and presented in gift wrap/bubble wrap/boxes/bows. Writing is created with a particular audience in mind, and the way the word graces the page is its own decoration. Sometimes there are pictures, or paintings, or crazy things happening with the text. Two of my favorite examples: Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves,, and Tom Phillips’ A Humument,

I would totally wear these two like a favorite necklace. Feel free to do the same with Bombay Gin!


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