Online Feature-Somatic Book Review of The First Bad Man

Miranda July book review coverSomatic Book Review of Miranda July’s The First Bad Man

Miranda July
The First Bad Man

Before reading Miranda July’s The First Bad Man, set up an airbnb or couchsurf account. Host someone younger and more attractive than yourself, preferably of the same sex.
The night before they arrive, put on a pair of sweatpants. Sit on the sofa and eat half a box of Oreos. Feel gross.
Put on a kickboxing video. Watch it while eating a few more Oreos. Watch another. Eat more Oreos.
Open the book. It is preferred that this reading takes place in one sitting. If one is to get up, it should only be to further stuff his or her face, to further the feeling of self-disgust. Occasional longer breaks may be taken, but only if they are used to watch another kickboxing video. Or, if that gets tiring, watching Jillian Michaels is fine.
Fall asleep on the couch in your own filth.
In the morning, be sure to arrange the house or apartment very meticulously. Put everything in its place. Make sure it is spotless. Have more fitness/fighting videos on in the background while this happens. Make sure to be constantly eating junk food. This is important.
When your guest arrives, act very awkward. Eventually, start a fight. Use the moves you learned in the videos. Be jealous of how attractive they are. Feel inferior.


Go-Find-Your-Father-300x113Micro Book Review of Go Find Your Father/ A Famous Blues by Harmony Holiday

Go Find Your Father/ A Famous Blues
Harmony Holiday
                                                       Gold Line Press 

Harmony Holiday’s Go Find Your Father/A Famous Blues is a curious compendium of mesmerizing montages derived from memory, nimbly memorializing a melodious, near musical-refrain, “imagining is remembering”, that creates an indelible, sonorous and syncretic impact on the reader’s mind. Holiday injects a generous modicum of vigorous energy in the text by tracing the roots of the Black myth through the ages and compiling a mythopoeic, subtly revelatory web of entrancing yarns, gutting and riveting in equal measure, authentic, raw, polyvalent and streaked with glorious nostalgia. Holiday’s various moods as borne by her authorial persona, her delicate, dexterous, deifying epistolary epistles, despite mythologizing and edifying her father, Jimmie Holiday, to at times caricaturish and stilted proportions, imbuing the ongoing psychodrama with unnecessary bathos, magnificently succeeds in evoking the grandeur of a bygone era. It is in the meticulous creation of a fascinating world of blues, the contextualizing of a girl’s psychic journey in the intricate tapestry of a surcharged musical ethos, that Holiday transcends the spatio-temporal limits imposed by the text on the page. Holiday effortlessly weaves together a world out of the ambiguous fruits of mutative memory, enthralling the reader with anecdotal references, charming poetic fallacies, paeans replete with fantastic lore, and a synesthetic text that bleeds into music.


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Online Feature-Micro Book Review of My Struggle

karl my struggleMicro Book Review of  My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard

My Struggle
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Translated by Don Bartlett
Originally Published by Forgalet Oktober (2009)
English Translation published by Archipelago Books (2012)

As many readers have stated, Knausgaard may be the progressive Proust of our century. He weaves an intricate web of day-to-day life without batting an eyelid. From divorce and the hatred of his own children, My Struggle achieves the honesty of the human heart, the absolutism of a daily rhythm that is locked within the bodies of any modern citizen of the world. While Knausgaard’s life story may seem petty and exceedingly redundant, it provides a wide scope of relativism and subtle criticism of the travails of the first-world human condition. It is difficult to place this book on the coffee table, it will make your thoughts tick and your mind hungry for more.

Review by Camille Craig

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A TASTE OF GIN: issue four

curated by Marie Conlan, Bombay Gin’s Web Co-Editor, Poetry Co-Editor, 2015

Featuring work by: Sally Lawton, Eva Carlini, Samy Sabh, and Spencer Hendrixson

A Taste of Gin Online Editorial Feature

Each month (or so) Bombay Gin Literary Journal presents an online feature by one of our editorial board members. We call this: “A Taste of Gin.” These tastes give us, as editors, the opportunity to share our individual artistic and aesthetic visions. We split our Bombay Gin third-mind temporarily in order to show you the nuances, quirks, and concerns we, as an editorial board, comprise. We hope you enjoy these future tastings.

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Join our fright of poet ghost readers & enjoy some BYOSpirits on Halloween Eve for the first installment of the Bombay Gin Reading Series.


790 30TH STREET, BOULDER (no parking)

Expect pandomonium & feelings. It is a costume party. You can dress up as anything you want, especially if it’s a sheet ghost. That would be cool, a bunch of people all dressed up like sheet ghosts but w/e! Think about it. Either way.

Poetry from these ghouls :

Dani Ferrara
Oh she’s a scary little fairy person poet broh!

Shy Watson
She has a spooky name. No one knows what color her hair will be. She got the good words though broh!

Poetess & painter & witch. Her poems are spells and her spells are potent. Beware the enchantment broh!

Open Mic

Show us your ectoplasm.

Jack Kerouac School hosts WHAT WHERE READING SERIES 10/27

Naropa University and The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics will host another WHAT WHERE Reading Series featuring writers Harmony Holiday, Danielle Pafunda, and Carolina Ebeid.

When: October 27th, 2015 from 7:30-9:00 pm.

Where: The Performing Arts Center at Naropa University’s Arapahoe Campus, 2130 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO.

Come join! Reception and refreshments to follow.


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