WRITING YOUR FEARS (Writing Exercise)

“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them” ~Andre Gide


It is the time of year where we think about the things that have spooked our history. We dress children as ghosts and witches, decorating with pumpkins… traditions, transmorphed, as old as fear itself.

We like to be scared. And we like to tell the stories of our fright in the comfort of a well lighted home at night, but…It is still after you.

What are you most afraid of, really? Imagine it in vivid: smells, sounds, tastes, etc. What is its demeanor toward you? What gestures does your fear make? What does it embody? What are its motives towards you? Re-write your Fear, this Monster as yourself. Or rather, re-write yourself as the Monster Fear. What are you after now?  MUWHAHA…

Online Feature–Micro Book Review of Great Guns

great guns_fathi_600

Micro Review of Great Guns by Farnoosh Fathi

Great Guns
Farnoosh Fathi
Canarium Books (2013)

Great Guns is Farnoosh Fathi’s first poetry collection. The book is divided into three sections, and each poem contains coherent and lyrical language that alternately amuses, intrigues, and activates. Her background in poetry, translation, and critical analysis clearly informs her work here. In particular, her connection to Emily Dickinson’s poems shows clear strength here, with each poem subtly addressed to an intended reader or recipient. The opening lines of “Lady Fool” contain this delicate connection to the traditional past while creating a new present and future: “This helium—a fighting voice—promise this— / the old lady said, wires doubling wildly overhead.” Fathi’s collection stands on its own merits but it also belongs in the tradition of important American poets continuing to innovate and expand poetic meaning.


Review by: Travis Klempan

Bombay Gin Reading Series #2

bg reading 2 flyer image


Our reading series continues at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe, in Boulder, CO–

with phenomenal poets Megan Kaminski and HR Hegnauer, followed by an open mic.

The reading starts at 7pm sharp– Innisfree is hosting three poetry events tonight, and ours gets the party started.

Stick around for the other events, featuring CA Conrad, j/j hastain, and more.

Fall Reading Series: First Event



bg reading 1 flyer

(It’s coming fast.)

Call for Submissions: EXTENDED DEADLINE!

We are still accepting submissions of poetry, prose, and artwork for the following Bombay Gin #41 and Amiri Baraka folio:


The Walls of the City Shake

“When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake.” –Plato

Submission deadline EXTENDED: September 8th, 2014


We live in a moment of continuous flux, constantly under construction and in progress, an amalgamation of histories and futures meeting in a metropolis of being; perhaps this is the being you find yourself existing in, right now.

One might call this a city.

Cities are constantly becoming the city they will someday be, perpetually reimagined; the city shakes with sunlight each morning, unfinished. What is it that shakes the boundaries, the borderlands, the lines and angles of your city? Is it constant hum of robots or insects; does your city sleep?

Where might you reside?—What is your city? Perhaps you live in a metropolis. Perhaps you are an itinerant vagabond traveler, always somewhere other than where you began. Perhaps you inhabit a virtual city. Or a city of dreams.

Where are you now? What is a city for you? Are the architectural structures of your city (of your body) vibrating with the memories, histories and reveries imbued through their durational existence? How has the mode of the music shifted around you? Do the lights flicker, or blur?

As we enter into our 41st cycle, the Bombay Gin seeks to shift the mode of our music; we want our walls to shake; we want our cities to burst.

Send us your field notes, your guides, your manuals. Send us your resonant flashes that hold what trembles. We want your field notes. We want to feel the textures of your city and the way it can breathe.

Send us a map of what vibrates. What reverberates. What reforms.

The Bombay Gin seeks work that transforms, that mutates, that transgresses, that revolutionizes.

In general, we welcome manuscripts of prose, poetry, and cross-genre work. Poetry submissions should be comprised of 3-5 poems; prose and cross-genre manuscripts should generally consist of no more than 15 pages. Please include a 100 word bio, email and mailing address with your submission.


This issue will feature a commemorative folio in honor of Amiri Baraka. We invite you to submit letters, remembrances, essays, poetry, and prose inspired by Amiri.


Should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • File size should be 300dpi at 6X9 or greater.
  • Submit images in color for the front & back cover. In CMYK.
  • If your artwork for the cover wraps front to back it needs to be 13” wide x 9.25” tall. File format of jpeg or tiff.
  • Submit images in black& white for the inside folio.

Submit all work here: bombaygin.submittable.com

40th Anniversary Issue

The 40th issue of Bombay Gin is now available on SPD.

Bombay Gin 40th Anniversay Issue!

Our 40th Anniversary issue, featuring a memorial folio on Anselm Hollo, and with the larger theme of Recuperation (in the wake of a Boulder flood, structural damage to our embodied Arapahoe House–again disembodied) is here!

Order yours today, or set up a subscription. Our 41st issue will consider activism, collaboration, performance, and feature a memorial folio on Amiri Baraka.

Bombay Gin 40 - Cover Full

Amiri Baraka Folio

The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics’ literary journal, Bombay Gin: Issue 41, will include a commemorative folio on Amiri Baraka. We invite you to submit letters, remembrances, essays, poetry, and prose inspired by Amiri. Deadline is August 15, 2014.


Online Feature: “A Taste of Gin” Issue One


curated by Janelle Fine, Bombay Gin’s Art Editor, 2013-2014

Bgin with Ginsberg Circle no grey

Editor’s Note

I wanted to create a collaborative space between artists and writers. I asked the artist Taylor Dow to create artwork that interpreted the theme of metamorphosis. I then sent out his visual art to writers and asked them to respond in their own way to one of his images. I am interested in the conversations and play that came about between the text and images. Enjoy.

Featuring work by: Cara Benson, J’Lyn Chapman, Brendan Constantine, Taylor Dow, HR Hegnauer, Juan Felipe Herrera, April Joseph, Jai Arun Ravine, and Gail Tremblay.


A Taste of Gin Online Editorial Feature

Each month (or so) Bombay Gin Literary Journal presents an online feature by one of our editorial board members. We call this: “A Taste of Gin.” These tastes give us, as editors, the opportunity to share our individual artistic and aesthetic visions. We split our Bombay Gin third-mind temporarily in order to show you the nuances, quirks, and concerns we, as an editorial board, comprise. We hope you enjoy these future tastings.


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