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Win a Free Copy of Kirsten Kaschock’s Sleight

That’s right, we’re hosting another book giveaway, this time in collaboration with the fantastic Coffee House Press.

Kristen Park’s lovely review of Kirsten Kaschock’s Sleight debuts in the just-released Bombay Gin 38.1. Here’s a little teaser of the review in the issue you can purchase here:

Sleight is a body of work born in rupture—a text of scarring. Kirsten Kaschock, in a stroke of prestidigitation, invites the reader to participate in an inter-dimensional-textual-disciplinary exploration of absence and presence in art, family, tragedy and language. We enter the inter as intra: the punctum—“a site of atrocity.”

Kaschock amplifies the performativity—the gaze—present in sleight performance by having her characters challenge the very logic and creation she has constructed on the page. We become a part of the deconstruction—the process—the mess—in the commodification not just of body but body in trauma: tragedy.

Leave a comment to win a copy.

To enter for your chance to win a free copy of Sleight, all you have to do is leave a comment below, explaining why you want a copy of the book.

The giveaway will close Feb. 22 at midnight MST, and the winner will be chosen at random via random.org. 

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Buy Books on Cyber Monday

As Editor-in-Chief, I have the pleasure of also editing Bombay Gin’s book review section. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite duties as editor. I get to work closely with reviewers, most of whom are JKS students writing their first reviews. The process tends to be long, but the payoff is quite satisfying: not only do JKS students get some publishing credit and the gratification of finishing a project, poets and writers also benefit by having their books reviewed.

In our next issue, you will find the following reviews, and, since you are very likely to cyber shop during work today, go ahead and buy these books. We can guarantee your money will be well spent:

Jenny Boully, Not Merely Because of the Unknown that was Stalking Toward Them, Reviewed by Brenna Lee

Gérard Gavarry, Making a Novel, Reviewed by Denise Kinsley

Kirsten Kaschock, Sleight: A Novel, Reviewed by Kristen Park

Omar Pérez, Did You Hear About the Fighting Cat?, Reviewed by Kelly Alsup

Margaret Randall, Ruins and First Laugh: Essays 2000-2009, Reviewed by Diana K. McLean

Kate Zambreno, Green Girl, Reviewed by Heather Goodrich

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