Win Andrea Rexilius’ Half of What They Carried Flew Away

As Bombay Gin eagerly awaits our January 25th release party for issue 39.1, there is still time to win some of the books reviewed in the issue. In collaboration with Letter Machine Editions, we are pleased to announce a second book for our book giveaway:

Andrea Rexilius’ brilliant Half of What They Carried Flew Away

   rexilius cover final pic                      

Issue 39.1, in keeping with the theme of contemplative as transgressive, includes a provocative review of Half of What They Carried Flew Away by Ginger Teppner. Ginger is currently working on her MFA in the Low Residency program at Naropa University, and her forthcoming work includes Yew Journal and Upstairs at Duroc.

Below is an excerpt from Ginger’s review:

Some people fear movement away from what is comfortable, fear contradiction. Rexilius is not afraid. She embraces paradox by dispersing time. Time is always now despite perception; time is open—open as noun. She writes, “They come to the open between each breath.” In essence, she creates a system of being which chooses to stay in one place (form) while transitioning seamlessly in(to) another. There is no need for preparation. Time is both visible and a multiple of itself—both witness and the observed. To accept this discrepancy is to trust Rexilius when she directs us, the readers, to investigate how we normally look at the world. Looking, apparently, is not the same as seeing. In this era when separation and discontinuity (instability) reign supreme, the possibility of existing in wholeness while alone but not isolated (stability) allows catharsis.

Excited to read more? Come get a copy of 39.1 on January 25th!

For a signed copy of Half of What They Carried Flew Away, please leave a comment below telling us why you’re interested.

The window to enter this giveaway will close at Midnight MST on Thursday, January 17th, and the winner will be randomly chosen through

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10 thoughts on “Win Andrea Rexilius’ Half of What They Carried Flew Away

  1. Mj Evans says:

    This looks like a good book.

  2. strangelilgirl427 says:

    I’m interested bcuz I’m a poet. & I almost ordered this book and then mysteriously didn’t.

  3. […] to SWP Manager Andrea Rexilius, whose poem “New Organism [I want to think like a magi]” has been selected as the poem […]

  4. I’d like to read the book that elicited the comment ‘Time is both visible and a multiple of itself….’

    Strangely, I first wrote ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘visible’. Reading is a creative process.

  5. I am interested because Half of What They Carried Flew Away

  6. Homa Shojaie says:

    i am interested because i love the open between each breath.

  7. Interested after reading her 1st book.

  8. Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments! The lucky winner is Mercedes Webb Pullman! Please keep up with the blog for more giveaways coming soon! -June

  9. I see that I won this! How do I collect my prize?

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